About Kelleen Potter


  • Grew up in Ogden, Utah
  • Graduated with honors from BYU, Political Science, History, Secondary Education
  • LDS Mission, San Jose California
  • High School Government and History teacher
  • State Director of Elections, Leavitt Administration
  • Masters Degree, Public Administration
  • Adjunct Political Science Professor, UVU
  • Board member, Utah League of Cities and Towns
  • Animal Services, Sewer, and Cowboy Poetry Boards
  • President, Friends of the Library Board
  • Married to Shawn Potter, local business owner
  • 5 Children ages 9-20
  • Loves hiking, biking, gardening and reading
  • (Photo Credit: Lisa Harbertson)



Personal Connection

Outreach, Accessibility, and Responsivenes

A Mayor’s role is to reach out to people in the community who might be affected by the actions and policies of city government. A Mayor should be accessible to citizens, staff members and council to respond to questions and help resolve problems.  A Mayor should be responsive and follow up with people who make contact with questions and concerns.  As a city counclmember I have been responsive and accessible by phone, e-mail and in person.  I would continue this in the role of Mayor.  


Communication is Key

  A mayor’s role is to expedite the process of getting community input for council decisions.  Citizens cannot be expected to read hundreds of pages of documents and sit through hours of meetings to know what is happening in their local government.  The Mayor should bring issues of community interest to the public through various forums and bring feedback to the council.  The Mayor should be pro-active and set the agenda to cover items of interest for the entire community. 

Public Policy

Decisions Should be Outcome-Based and Forward Looking

As city officials make policy decisions that will affect Heber now and in the future we must look at the outcome of the decisions being made.  Smart growth requires thoughtful analysis about the impact of development, location of community buildings, type of business, etc.  In my role as a member of the executive board of the Utah League of Cities and Towns I can bring information back to the city council about what has and has not worked in other cities dealing with rapid growth.  


Primary Election

The Primary Election results are in! 

Kelleen Potter 1033 51.57%

Alan Wayne McDonald 780 38.94%

Nick Lopez 190 9.49%

Thank you for your support and votes!!  Now on to the General Election.


General Election

The General Election date is November 7, 2017. Remember that October 10, 2017 is the last day to register to vote with a paper form; October 17, 2017 is the day the mail ballots are sent to voters;  October 31, 2017 is the last day to register to vote online or at the county clerk’s office; and November 2, 2017, is the last day to request a mail ballot (paper or online).  

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Issues Facing Heber

There are significant issues facing Heber and the decisions made now will impact our city for decades to come.  It is time to be proactive and ensure that we are looking ahead and planning to ensure we maintain the quality of life we all enjoy today.  

Smart Growth

Heber is experiencing tremendous growth from both internal and external sources.  As demand continues to drive prices upward we will continue to see growth.  We must balance private property rights with a need to grow in a way that will not destroy the character or quality of life in our community.  I also support making sure we have a safe, walkable community with adequate open space, parks, and trails.   

Annexation Policy

Heber is in the process of analyzing possible annexation boundaries.  There is significant density already awarded (although not built out yet) in the areas surrounding Heber.  These decisions will impact the future of our city and need to be analyzed carefully.  I support a thorough analysis of the impact on Heber City and what will be best to keep Heber vibrant and desirable in the future.  

Historical Preservation

As evidenced by the loss of the historic home on Main Street it is time to be deliberate about preserving Heber’s history and the buildings and stories that make Heber unique.  After seeking community input about what is most valued the city needs to make a collaborative effort with private citizens to begin a plan for historical preservation.  

Main Street

One of the biggest concerns in our valley is Main Street.  Our Main Street is like the front door to our entire valley.  It should we attractive and welcoming for residents as well as visitors.  It’s time to focus on our Main Street and make sure we keep it beautiful and safe.  Providing alternate routes on parallel streets and encouraging walking and biking will all contribute to a better Main Street.  


Like Main Street our airport is dealing with increased traffic coming into our valley.  Also like Main Street we can’t simply restrict the level of traffic to our liking.  There has been a great deal of speculation about the future of Heber’s airport and I have worked hard with other council members to accomplish two goals.  The first is to make our airport finanically self-sustaining.  I don’t believe the airport should be subsidized by the general fund.  The second is to keep the airport at a size that is acceptable to the community and doesn’t encroach on neighboring property owners.  


 One of the most beautiful sights in our valley is Main Street at Christmastime.  The lights and snowflakes create a cheery feeling that is appreciated by many.  After the Christmas season Roger Brooks, a consultant specializing in how to improve cities, came to provide an analysis for our valley.  He made some observations, particularly about Main Street, that were not favorable.  Small efforts at making our community more beautiful can make a big difference.  I propose the creation of a beautification committee to bring suggestions to the city about how we can do a better job to keep our community beautiful.  


Thank You For Your Support!

We need your help!

If you are willing to have a sign in your yard, donate some money (even small $5-$10 donations help), or volunteer please contact Kelleen or someone on our team.  We would love to add you to our e-mail list to keep you informed of issues and upcoming events.  


Community Outreach

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